Enriched Admin Staff

Admin staff at Navkar is the backbone of the institute. More than 40 office staff members handle administrative work like counseling students, facilitating admissions, handling routines student queries, coordinating faculty-parent meetings, exams arrangements etc.

24×7 Security

At Navkar, our student’s safety and security remains our prime concern. All the campuses are equipped with the latest security solutions like CCTV cameras and other safety equipments; the professionally managed security staff provides round the clock service to ensure smooth and safe operations.

Housekeeping Team

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. To ensure that our premises remain neat and clean, we have commissioned a full-fledged housekeeping team to take care of the cleanliness of the campus throughout the day.

Canteen Facility

As the students need to study for long hours, the campus has in-house canteen facilities that serves sumptuous food to take care of student’s gastronomical delight.

Attendance Monitoring

Smart card reader is being installed at Navkar Public School, which would provide attendance report with respect to punching done by students and block unauthorized entry.

Start Notifications

Type Start NAVKAR and send to 7738098600 – A special feature to get all information and updates such as marks, attendance etc of students as well as important announcements related to Navkar Public School through SMS.

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